Working with VaynerMedia, I conceptualized and executed artwork inspired by TridentVIBES flavors. Their Ooh La Lemon flavor, combined with local L.A. vibes, was the inspiration for the mural which was displayed on the boardwalk at Venice Beach for 4 weeks as part of TridentVIBES promotional campaign. The campaign also included Instagram Stories that depicted each of the 3 flavors, Spearmint Rush, Tropical Beat, and Ooh La Lemon. I chose to illustrate and animate each story frame to show the individual flavor notes.


My process began with rough sketches to show the client my general idea. I delivered a rough digital mockup in the next phase. Everything was drawn by hand, scanned, and vectorized. For the mural, I created separate pieces to give myself the flexibility to rearrange the elements and allow for multiple compositions.

Instagram Stories